Investment Management

Our investment strategy is simple and yet requires discipline and great execution. We start with a basket of low-cost index ETFs to approximate benchmark returns. We then replace portions of those ETFs with high-conviction ideas as they become available in the fixed income and equity markets to beat those returns. We utilize alternatives in the form of hedge funds and hard assets to reduce risk.

We target returns based on your needs for your money. At the heart is having a deep understanding of the planned purpose of the money you entrust to us. There is no overarching split between fixed income and equities. We allocate to sub-classes including but not limited to corporate bonds, preferred shares, income equities and growth equities. We believe the extra layer of customization gets you that much closer to your goals. Whether you are a husband and wife planning for retirement and your children’s education or a company setting funds sides for a planned capital expense two years down the line we tailor a plan with your future needs in mind, and review that plan on a regular basis.

Wealth Management

When you need it, we are there to provide wealth management advice and solutions. We will work closely with your other advisors to ensure seamless coordination of your investments with tax, charitable and estate planning. While we are experienced in providing advice in these areas and licensed to sell life insurance, we defer to those who specialize. We have a close network of some of the top planning professionals in Vancouver and are quick to place you with right person for the job. Importantly, we do not justify our fees by offering services which will be best provided by others.

Wealth Creation

There are no shortage of deals to participate in in Vancouver and beyond. Finding the best ones in which to allocate your risk capital is no easy feat. Robert Barber has built a reputation among investment advisors in Vancouver as being one of the most adept at sifting through all the options to find the small and mid-sized ventures which give the greatest chance of substantially positive returns. He works tirelessly to meet with all industry participants, hear as many stories as he can, and bring you his best ideas regularly.